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From one solicitor to another, can I have a word…

You may have seen this letter doing the rounds of late. We hope so because it’s part of a concerted effort to engage with solicitors like you throughout England and Wales.

We want to remind you that we are here to help you in times of need and we need to ask for your support to ensure we can continue to make a valuable difference to our profession. 

The campaign is led by Matthew Robbins, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and supported by the wider team, which is made up of solicitors from across the country who volunteer their time to the Charity. It aims to remind solicitors like you why it’s vital we’re able to offer emotional, practical and financial support to those in our profession who are most in need. Please read this letter, pass it onto your colleagues and take a second to consider how we could help each other in the future.



Join us in our mission to support your profession…

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity is led by the profession, for the profession.  Last year, it awarded over £1m in financial support to solicitors in England and Wales. The charity needs you and your firm’s help to continue to support all solicitors in times of need or crisis. You can help by becoming a volunteer, making donations or offering your residual client balances.


Oh and if you do nothing else…
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We will send you regular information and news from the charity on what we do and how you can play a part in creating a more understanding and supporting profession. Thank you!

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