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All solicitors supported in times of need or crisis

The Solicitors’ Charity is a charity working for solicitors both past and present and their families. Every year we help hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds who are unable to support themselves financially, due to ill health, life-changing disabilities, unemployment, low or no income, family crisis or older age.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and in its aftermath, we are making more funds available, widening the support we provide and offering information and support to help any solicitor who is impacted by the virus. Find out more on our COVID-19 Support Hub.

We provide welfare grants and other support grants, assistance with getting back in to work and access to advice on welfare benefits and managing personal debt. We also work closely with partners who can provide emotional well-being support and regulatory and legal advice.

Our baseline for eligibility is the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s ‘Minimum Income Standard.


We help colleagues and their families when they face serious financial hardship...

We rely on the generosity of solicitors, law firms and local law societies to be able to continue...

Dedicated to helping solicitors past and present, and their families, in times of need...

Latest news

We’re recruiting four Trustees, including a Chair Elect, to provide strategic insight, sector knowledge and expertise.

We’re recruiting. We are seeking four Trustees, including a Chair Elect, to provide strategic insight, sector knowledge and expertise. It’s an exciting time to join The Solicitors’ Charity. We have been supporting [...]

Christl Hughes MBE, Trustee elected as President of Leicestershire Law Society

Congratulations to our Trustee, Christl Hughes MBE who has recently taken the reigns as Leicestershire Law Society‘s President. This appointment is well earned as she has played a vital role in supporting the profession [...]

Guest blog: Umar Kankiya on the impact of COVID-19 on the legal profession, Black Lives Matter and representation within the legal sector

Our own recent research has indicated that solicitors from a BAME background are more likely to be impacted by COVID 19, we will be publishing this research very soon. Umar Kankiya is a Mental Health and [...]